Zara Yu, Age: 15 Kinnelon Highschool, Nj Enterprise Term: Many-Human anatomy Quantum Condition Manage on Presence out-of Environment Noises

Zara Yu, Age: 15 Kinnelon Highschool, Nj Enterprise Term: Many-Human anatomy Quantum Condition Manage on Presence out-of Environment Noises

Renee Zbizika, Age: 17 John L. Miller High Neck North Senior school, New york Endeavor Name: Aerosol Optical Depth Estimation Playing with a deep Sensory Community: Examining the chance of Having fun with Meteorological Studies and you can Biomass Burning Feel Studies

Gary Zhan, Age: 17 Logan Highschool, UT Endeavor Name: On the Renewable Farming: Creating Book Soil-Bacteria-Created Biotechnologies to advertise Crop Development

Anya Zhang, Age: 17 Edward Clark Highschool, NV Enterprise Label: Spatial Variability regarding Ocean Acidification as well as Affecting Circumstances in Massachusetts Bay

Alexandra Vesselinov, Age: 17 Paul D

William Zhang, Age: 17 Ward Melville Twelfth grade, New york Opportunity Identity: Hydra: Brief Pipelineable Interactive Arguments of real information to possess Proven Neural Networks

Allison Zhang, Age: 17 Manhasset Highschool, New york Opportunity Label: Manufacturing and you can Implementation of an angled Hydrophilic�Hydrophobic Patterned Skin having Fog-Harvesting Inspired by the Namib Desert Stenocara Beetles

Alexander Zhang, Age: 17 Lynbrook High school, California Project Title: A book and Efficient Type of Chronic Homology to help you Choose and Eliminate Topological Problems in Triangle Interlock Studies

Luke Zhao, Age: 17 Lynbrook High school, California Project Term: Single-Cell Transcriptomic Study Suggests Genetic People of Fast/Slow Motor Neuron Label

Emily Zhou, Age: 18 The newest Harker College or university, California Enterprise Identity: Computer-Assisted Recognition from Intracranial Aneurysms Playing with an effective Transformer Deep Sensory Circle inside the 3d MR Angiography

Leon Lee Zhou, Age: 18 Shenzhen Middle school, Asia Enterprise Identity: Graphic Identification from Mercury Ions Based on the Pull-of-War Ranging from Hg2+ and you may Oxidized Tetramethylbenzidine having Glutathione

Andrew Zhou, Age: 17 Thomas Jefferson Twelfth grade to possess Technology and Tech, Virtual assistant Endeavor Label: The new Role regarding Integrity and you can Ability when you look at the Leaders

Zachary Zitzewitz, Age: 18 Proof University, California Project Identity: A theoretical Model of the surface Geometry of Laminar Fluid Chains

Yuqiao Zou, Age: 18 Columbia Sentence structure & Preparatory College, New york Endeavor Name: Developing Photo-Crosslinking Peptide Probes given that Substrate Imitates to Trap Necessary protein Lysine Methyltransferases

Ethan Zuo, Age: 18 Saratoga High-school, Ca Project Name: Optimisation regarding Book A couple-Phase Spraying Impingement Cooling to own Datacenter High power-Density Processors

Natalie Calman, Age: 17 Ossining Senior school, New york Venture Term: Mindfulness-Depending Fret Cures Degree Enhances the Psychological Really-Are regarding Teenagers

Riju Dey, Age: 17 Shorewood Senior high school, WI Venture Name: Advancement from Novel Eukaryotic-Like Twin Phosphatase Kinase Managing Hormonal of your own Toxin Pyocyanin when you look at the Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Maggie Graseck, Age: 18 Rye Twelfth grade, Nyc Enterprise Title: Oysters and you may Crabs: Comparing new Eating habits regarding Hemigrapsus sanguineus and you may Panopeus herbstii

Mithra Karamchedu, Age: 18 Jesuit Highschool, Otherwise Enterprise Title: Cryosphere Melting Risk: Predictive Make of Glacial and you may Permafrost Melting Having fun with Fractal Investigation out-of Secluded Noticed Pictures and you will Correlations to Timeseries Geoglacial and you will Permafrost Research

Julianna Lian, Age: 17 Fl Atlantic School Senior high school, Fl Enterprise Term: Sargassum sp. Reductive, Polyphenol Pull Modulates D. dorotocephala Regeneration from the Reduced total of ROS, and also Possible while the an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Ella Moore, Age: 18 Greenwich Senior high school step one, CT Endeavor Label: Suppression off Covid-19 Respiratory Difficulty thru a keen Roentgen-954 Peptide Bradykinin step one Receptor Antagonist

Emily Pizzorusso, Age: 17 Byram Hills Senior school, Ny Enterprise Term: Color My Business: Pinpointing Differences between Lady and you may Boys for the Brands and you will Clusters of Synesthesia

Isabel Shi, Age: 18 Bergen State Academies, New jersey Endeavor Title: 5G Circle High-frequency Radiation Exerts Biological Consequences into Fitness of Classified Neuroblastoma Cell and you can Silkworm Patterns

Schreiber High school, Nyc Project Label: The results off Hypobaria Adopting the Traumatic Mind Burns off Including Hemorrhagic Amaze with the Neuroinflammation and you may Choices

Xinkai Yu, Age: 18 Princeton Around the globe College out of Math and you may Science, New jersey Opportunity Name: Acting and you may Mitigating Disease Risks of COVID-19 inside the Routes Cabins

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